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Team Captain Tips

GUTSY [guht-see]: having a great deal of courage or nerve

GUTSY is what our Team Captains are!

How to build your GUTSY team?
Once you have registered online as the Team Captain, whether you are a Family, Corporate or School Team your next step will be to start building your team. The best way is to:

  • Create a list of names of people you know to invite to join your walk team.
  • Communicate – by email, call or in-person let people know this event is important to you and they can help. The Online Participant Centre offers great tools to share information with this group including an email that has a link to join your team.
  • Encourage all members on your team to register online.
  • Set a goal!!! How much do you plan to fundraise? Be sure to aim high. Donors will be motivated to support your team’s success.
  • Promote your team through online social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. This can help your team recruit new members and accelerate your fundraising success

Team Fundraising Tip: If you don’t ask someone to join your team – they won’t join!

How to motivate and resource YOUR Gutsy Walk Team!
As the Team Captain, the following are some important tried and true tips to keep your team on track and inspired:

  • Remind your teammates to register on your team and to customize their personal fundraising page for best results. And, by having your team register online you will be able to stay in touch with them through the online Participant Centre. Through the Centre you can send your team emails and monitor their fundraising efforts.
  • Share with them information about Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis – crohnsandcolitis.ca.
  • Build team spirit by involving team members in:
    • creating a unique team name
    • develop a team cheer!
    • design your own team T-shirts or “outfit” or theme to wear at Gutsy Walk
  • Be creative, fundraising is more than simply asking for donations! Top up your team’s fundraising with some creativity and FUN by hosting TEAM FUNDRAISING EVENTS:
    • BBQ
    • bake sales
    • bingo night
    • bowling / softball night
    • cookie-gram
    • dinner party at home
    • dress down days
    • garage sales
    • neighborhood car wash
    • pot luck lunch / pancake breakfast
    • silent auction
    • workplace golf / mini putt
    • collect donations in exchange for services – baby sitting, shoveling snow, lawn work, etc.
  • Celebrate ALL fundraising wins leading up to the walk!  Congratulate your teammates as they achieve their personal fundraising goals, remember to thank donors, and thank everyone who has supported your team’s fundraising efforts.
  • Remind them of the great incentive prizes that can be earned for their fundraising efforts and the team contests, for more information CLICK HERE. Reminder, only ONE prize per registered participant. TEAM donations will not count towards individual prizing.
  • HAVE FUN! - Remember, you are making a difference in the lives of people living with Crohn’s and colitis…and ultimately you will be helping us MAKE IT STOP.