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Fundraising Tips


To help you achieve GUTSY fundraising success, we have put together some great tips to get you started.

DID YOU KNOW … One of the main reasons people do not get involved or donate money is because they were never personally asked!

Fundraising TIPS:

Set a goal - Aim High!... 
Show how GUTSY you are - set a high goal and your donors will see how committed you are to fundraising.. Raise it to $1000 or more and become a Top Pledge Earner  Learn More.
Make your first pledge a good one...
If the first pledge is high, your friends and family’s donation will follow this lead.
Make a personal pledge...
And jumpstart your fundraising and show your personal commitment to the cause. 
Share your story...
Let everyone know why you are raising money for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada by sharing your personal story and journey. Historically, individuals with the best fundraising results have very compelling personalized fundraising pages that include their picture or video and have a heart-felt message.
Ask! Ask! Ask!...
As many people as you can. One of the main reasons most people give is because they were asked. Within the “Participant Centre” you can easily upload emails from Outlook sending your personal page link to them. Expand your reach - invite co-workers and friends from around the world to pledge you.
Be prepared...
Keep your pledge form with you at all times. You never know when a cash or cheque fundraising opportunity will arise! i.e. when you’re visiting with your dentist, doctor, personal trainer, accountant, banker, pharmacist, lawyer etc.
Ask for a specific amount...
For past donors, share with them what they donated last year and ask if they can beat it this year.
Start fundraising early...
The sooner you start collecting donations, the more success you will have.
Be excited...
It can be highly contagious and it will let your donors know that this cause is important to you!
Add your personal fundraising page link to your email signature or Facebook page... 
You can receive unexpected donations by linking your personal online fundraising page to either.
Inquire about matching gifts...
Contact your Human Resources department to find out if your company has a corporate match gift program. It's an easy way to double your total! You can also encourage donors to ask their companies for matching gift support.
Get creative...

Fundraising is more than simply asking for donations, engage your friends, family and colleagues with some creative ideas to top up your fundraising:

  • Hold garage sales / bake sales / bbq / dinner party at home
  • In lieu of a special occasion gift, ask for a donation
  • Organize a neighborhood car wash
  • Get donations in exchange for services – baby sitting, shoveling snow, lawn work, etc
Stay in touch, and thank your donors...

For example:

  • Send emails to your e-contacts updating them on your progress
  • Send personalized thank-you messages as soon as you receive notification of the contribution, thank-you can go a long way!
  • Keep your email correspondence positive and appreciative.
  • Thank everyone after the event; let them know what a great time you had!  Maybe they will join you at next year’s walk!
Create a TEAM...
It takes teamwork to make it stop. Enhance your fundraising efforts and GUTSY experience by creating a team.
Remember, you are making a difference in the lives of people living with Crohn’s and colitis.

You’re helping to Make it stop. For life.

Where can you find potential donors?

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Neighbors
  • Local health care professionals and staff (Drs., chiropractors, nurses, dentists, colleagues in business or Professional Organizations and Associations)
  • Members of your church or community group
  • Members in the Union you belong to
  • Fellow students at community colleges, universities in your area
  • Members on your sports teams, clubs (Rotary, Book, Cooking, Knitting)
  • Service Providers: hair dresser, insurance agent, real estate agent
  • Teachers at your school or your children’s school
  • Members of your local Chambers of Commerce/Boards of Trade