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Couch Potatoes

There has been a “Couch” participant at the Gutsy every year since Daniel Couch was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in April 2004. In 2011 the “Couch Potatoes” was formed. We have been the largest team National every year.  The size of the team fluctuates but in 2012, we had our largest team in Halton, 125 pledged participants raised over $31,000.00. In addition, there were teams in Calgary, Vancouver, Sault Ste Marie, PEI and Halifax.  The team is composed of family and friends of the whole family, Heather, Daniel and Geoffrey.  In 2013, Geoffrey was diagnosed with IBD. The team walks for the “Couch” family and all the families affected by Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. This year we are looking forward to new participants of the next generation.