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Organize your team

Start by listing the names of friends, neighbours and family you know directly. List the names of people you met or know at places like school, work, community centres, the gym, your favourite coffee shop and restaurant, dry cleaner, grocery store, doctor’s office and more.

You’re already connected! Now, start communicating with your list of leads by either calling them, emailing them or even have a face-to-face conversation. Tell them about Gutsy Walk and your goals and why it’s important to you. Tell them how they can help, and what you hope they will do. Invite your contacts to join your cause and become part of your team.

Keep in touch with your team members by sending them encouraging messages and updates. Send educational information about CCFC and IBD to your team members and participants so they can help spread the word and fundraise.

Build a team spirit: create a team cheer, team name, team T-shirts and more.

Register your team online: it’s the simplest and fastest way to get your team started. Once you register your team online, ask family, friends and colleagues to join your team. Remember, if you are the first to register the team online, you will be designated as Team Captain.

Once you’ve set up your team online, you can promote it through online social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. These tools will help your team stay in touch, recruit new members and is an easy way to fundraise.

Celebrate! After the event, make sure to send thank-you notes to your team members and donors and share the results of your fundraising goals with everyone.


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