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Online Sign-up (ePledge) Questions

General Questions

Prize Questions

Team Questions

Online Sign-up (ePledge) Questions:

What is ePledge?

ePledge is the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada’s online pledging system for Gutsy Walk. It is an efficient, simple and secure way for you to raise money for IBD research and for supporters to pledge to you. ePledge makes asking and donating fun and painless.

How do I raise pledges online?

You can raise pledges securely and efficiently online by using ePledge – our online pledge system.

New ePledge User

If you are using ePledge for the first time, just click on "Create an ePledge account" select your event, and the system will lead you through the set-up process.

Returning ePledge User

If you are a returning ePledge user, simply login to ePledge and register for the event you'd like to participate in this year. If you don't remember your user name and/or password, but know the email address you used, you can use that instead. If you don’t remember the email address you used, email your first and last name to and we will help you.

What is the advantage to using ePledge?

There are many advantages to using ePledge:

  • Once you register on it, you can create your own web page with a personal message and photograph and start a blog detailing your training and plans for Gutsy Walk
  • Your fundraising page is a personal and fun way to connect with your friends, family, and supporters, and serves as a hub for them to keep up to date with your Gutsy Walk journey.
  • ePledge allows you to enter (or import) a list of your potential sponsors into an online email address book and then send out a friendly email asking them to sponsor you.
  • When a sponsor makes a pledge, he/she will automatically receive a ‘thank-you’ email and a tax receipt (if asked for). You will also receive an email notification every time you receive a pledge.
  • It allows you to set up a team, track your individual and team’s goal.
  • You can choose your prize online.
  • Your personal fundraising page allows you to reach more people worldwide with greater ease, as well as allows people to donate to you from anywhere in the world so you don’t need to target only those close by.
  • ePledge gives you access to all your information from the previous year/s.

Is the ePledge system secure?

Yes. The system uses the most current encryption tools to provide a safe and secure environment for participants and donors. All transactions and data are captured and stored in a secure environment. Industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption certificates are used. The ePledge site displays the GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium seal that confirms the transaction is secure and displays a real-time date/time stamp on it. The timestamp is for Greenwich Mean Time or GMT.

Electronic tax receipts are secured with either a random 40-bit or 128-bit encryption code ensuring their authenticity while at the same time, meeting all government standards. While pdf documents sent through ePledge can be printed, they are tamper-proof. In addition, all online transactions are conducted using the HTTPS protocol – the same standards used by most major financial institutions on their online banking applications.

Do I need to create a new ePledge account every year, or can I use a prior year’s user name and password?

You do not need to create a new ePledge account every year. However, you do need to register for this year's event. If you created an account in a prior year and remember your user name and password, you can use them to log in and then register for this year. If you don't remember your user name and/or password, but know the email address you used, you can use that instead. If you don't remember the email address you used, email your first and last name to and we will help you.

The biggest advantage to using an account previously set up is it gives you access to all your information from the previous year/s. For example, when you register for this year's Gutsy Walk, the form fields will be populated with your mailing address; you can access the system's online email address book/contact list you created in a previous year; see who pledged to you and how much, etc.

What is required to set up my personal fundraising page?

Setting up your personal web page is quick and easy and requires no technical skills. All you need is a little time, and if you want to personalize it further, a digital photograph of yourself.

After the initial set up, can I change my webpage?

Absolutely! You can update and personalize your page quickly and easily, as often as you want.  

When I log into my ePledge account to register for this year's Gutsy Walk, I see information that pertains to the last year I participated in. Am I on the wrong page/website?

No, when you log in to this year's site, you will see references to the last event you registered for and the message "We're sorry but this project is now closed." Your next step is to register for this year's event by clicking on the link in the sentence that says 'To register for 2013, click here."   

I emailed my friend through ePledge asking him to sponsor me, but he said he never got my email as his email address had changed. Why did I not get a bounce-back message?

Emails sent through ePledge are set up to get past anti-spam filters. Hence bounce-back messages do not get sent back to the participant. Ensure the email addresses in your contact list are accurate and current. It is a good idea to follow up your solicitation email with a personal phone call. You could also email potential sponsors whom you haven't heard from through your regular email account. Let everyone know they can search for you by first or last name on the website to pledge you, and do not require a link to your personal page.

How do I remind someone to donate to me on ePledge?

Reminding someone is easy!
* Login to ePledge
* Click on "Ask for pledges" button
* Click on the "Select Recipients" tab
* Click on the "Reminder" button and an email will be sent to everyone in your address book who hasn't yet donated to you.

Can I use ePledge and a hard-copy pledge form simultaneously?

Definitely! Your personal fundraising page is intended to be only one part of your overall fundraising approach. You can still solicit donations via mail, phone, or in person.

How long after my event can I ask for and/or receive pledges through ePledge?

You have up to three weeks after your event date to solicit people for pledges and also to receive online pledges. For example: If you are participating in the Edmonton Gutsy Walk June 9, you have until midnight July 2 to solicit and receive pledges.


General Questions:

Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee for Gutsy Walk. However, we request participants to raise a minimum of $50 in pledges as it gets them a cool Gutsy Walk water bottle.

Is there a registration deadline?

No, you could register up to the day of the event.

Can people donate anonymously?

Yes. Individuals who donate have the option of keeping their name and/or their donation amount hidden. Those who donate anonymously will appear on your fundraising page as 'Anonymous'. Those who choose to conceal their donation amount will have only their name appear on your fundraising page. Or they can choose to have neither name nor the amount show on your page.

Please Note: a donor's identity will still be passed on to you and to CCFC for processing reasons, but will not be revealed online.

If I mistakenly make a donation twice, can one transaction be refunded?

Absolutely! Please email or call us at 1-800-387-1479 ext. 233 or email with the details.

How are donations processed?  How will tax receipts be issued?

Sponsors donate online using a credit card. The money is automatically added to your pledge total and sent to CCFC. This avoids the hassles of having to collect your pledges and fill in a form. Additionally, thank-you notes and tax receipts are sent to each donor automatically via email. This saves you and CCFC the effort of doing this manually.

How do I obtain details on my Gutsy Walk event, such as time, location etc.?

For information on your Gutsy Walk click here to find the event you've registered for and click on the link to your event. You'll find a lot of information including what time registration begins, 'warm up' and 'kick off' times, date, location and a telephone number you can call for additional details.

What happens at an event?

Every Gutsy Walk is unique. Routes, for example, are usually around 5 km, but vary from community to community. Activities for kids differ too, but what they have in common is every Gutsy Walk is a fun-filled family-oriented one! In addition to walking alongside other enthusiastic participants and getting rejuvenated by the refreshments on hand, every Gutsy Walk has tons more to offer. There could be martial arts demonstrations, a collection of impeccably maintained vintage cars on view, free massages for exhausted participants, pizza-making tables for the kids, live music, the friendliest and gentlest mascots … it all depends on what exciting stuff has been lined up for the event you've registered for. Click here for event specific details.

What if it rains? Does the Gutsy Walk get cancelled?

The only time a Gutsy Walk event will be cancelled is during times of severe weather conditions such as lightning. Contact your local Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada Chapter if you are not sure whether the event will be cancelled or not.

When and where do I submit my pledge form?

All pledge forms should be handed in at the registration table on event day. If you collected pledges online, you will also need to bring a print-out of your online donations with you. Pledges collected online will be added to your pledge total and will count towards the prize you earn. If you are unable to attend the event or if you want to collect pledges past the event date, you have up to three weeks after the event to do so. All pledge forms not submitted at the event should be mailed to your Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada regional office.

What is a Corporate Matching Donation Program?

Corporate Matching Donation Programs are offered by many Canadian companies. Companies offering this program will match employees' charitable donation dollar for dollar.

How do I know if the company I work for offers a 'Corporate Matching Donation Program'?

Many Canadian companies offer a Corporate Matching Donation Program which encourages their employees to make philanthropic gifts to charities. Ask someone in the corporate donations office or the human resources department if your company participates in this program. If your employer does participate, ask for a matching gift application form. Fill out the form, return it to the appropriate department and forward the matching gift to your regional Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada office.

Prize Questions:

Do I have to specify my prize choice on my pledge form and on ePledge? What happens if my pledge form and ePledge prize selection differ?

Please specify your prize choice in both places. If you've selected a different prize using each method, we reserve the right to send either one to you.  

How long after my Gutsy Walk event will I receive my prize?

We are aware that many participants are eager to receive their prize soon after their event has ended and want to reassure you that we work hard to get our amazing prizes out to participants in an efficient and timely manner. However, the processing of forms, data entry and then shipping prizes means that most prizes will be delivered by early October.

Team Questions:

Is there a minimum or maximum number of people for a team?

There are no restrictions on team members. You can have a team of two if you wish.

I joined the wrong team by mistake. How can I switch teams?

Please contact us at 1-800-387-1479 ext. 213 or email and provide us with your name, the walk location you registered for and the team name you would like to join.

I registered as an Individual by mistake and would instead like to Join a Team   

Please contact us at 1-800-387-1479 ext. 213 or email and provide us with your name, the walk location you registered for and the team name you would like to join.

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